• Joshua Dopkowski

When I Used to Feed Stray Cats in the Street

I used to carry cans of Fancy Feast cat food in my work bag, as I would often run into the neighborhood feline misfits as I neared my apartment in Queens. I couldn’t bear to see how skinny they were, and so I fed them, rather routinely. Eventually someone else set up a more permanent “soup kitchen” for the neighborhood cats, and therefore my services were no longer needed, however my popularity among the felines remained, as stray cats know better than to turn down free meals. So what’s my point? Today, and much of this week, I was taking a very long walk, as this was a very sad week. It was sad for several reasons, which I won’t get into as to protect the privacy of those affected, however it was quite terrible. As a result of the sad things, I have been doing the only thing I could think to do to, and that is walk. And so I’ve walked, all over Lyon, hours each day, and in doing so, I have had several mental revelations, as well as revisited what had previously been obscure memories. If you are curious about the revelations, I’m sorry I don’t really remember, mostly because I got distracted by thinking about the cats.

Ironically enough, later that same same day when I remembered the poor wretched misfits in Queens, a cat came to visit me and entered the home. This cat was clearly not a stray, however I thought it very fitting that a strange feline came seemingly out of no where and snuggled with me on a day when I was feeling quite despondent. This happened when I was rather randomly remembering other cats that I had once helped, and possibly saved. Isn’t that interesting? I think so.

If you are also despondent, about events in your own life, or political events, I suggest going to the store, get yourself a few cans of premium cat food (yes it’s important to provide quality not entrails) and go feed some stray cats. The world will smile upon you for your good deed, and you will feel better upon seeing those hungry critters lick their chops.


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