• Joshua Dopkowski

Trump Changes History With D-Day Remembrance

The 75th anniversary of allied troops landing in Normandy is trumped by Trump.

President Donald Trump attended the 75th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, France this week as European leaders gathered to officially declare Trump as the reason for the allied victory.

During a speech by Emmanuel Macron, the French president stated that “France is eternally grateful for Donald Trump and his leadership during the Nazi occupation, and while he was born two years after the battle here in Normandy, we all recognize that it was his decisive actions that ultimately led to the downfall of Nazi Germany, and the Russians not winning first.”

Several high-ranking French officials at the ceremony stated that all of their dead grandparents were eternally grateful for Trump in 1944, and that the new generation will always remember his heroic actions on the beaches of Normandy.

Many locals in Caen, a city that was at the center of Operation Overlord during the D-Day invasion, have called for the erection of a Trump statue on nearby Omaha Beach, and further have requested to officially change the name of Caen to Trump Can.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was also in attendance, and said that she “wanted to honor President Trump for liberating Germany from a far left radical socialist.”

Merkel further stated that “today is a day when we remember the tremendous efforts by 72-year-old Donald Trump, 75 years ago. It is important that history recognizes that this man is so amazing that he was actually saving the world before he was even born.”

Several Republicans at the ceremony made remarks about it being “awkward” that Chancellor Merkel came to celebrate an event that her nation was on the losing side of, however, the Chancellor insisted that it was important that she be a part of changing history.

Merkel was also in attendance at the events this past November that marked 100 years since the end of World War I, however, her presence was largely overshadowed by the media coverage of Trump who did not show up due to complaints about rainy weather.

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