• Joshua Dopkowski

Slide! Slide! Slide!

While walking into the park, Ayla made her way to kids area chanting "slide! slide! slide!" Her enthusiasm caught the attention of an English speaking woman jogging the other direction, and she remarked "I heard someone say slide!"

We started a conversation with the woman and her friend, and she informed that there is an organization in Lyon called the English Speaking Family Group, or ESFG. The purpose of this groups is self-evident, and apparently they meet every Wednesday at a location that is walking distance from our apartment.

While most of the membership hails from the UK, there are a couple of other Americans as well. During our first visit to the group Ayla made a new friend from Scotland, and I was able to make conversation with several of the mums that lead the groups activities.

After several months of trying to connect with English speakers, I found by accident because my daughter was excited about the slide.


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