• Joshua Dopkowski

My Cell Phone Is Orange

Getting a subscription phone in France is not easy if you are not from here. While it's possible to get an actual cell phone device, and purchase pre-paid minutes, it is not possible to get a subscription plan with controlled costs and data. In order to attain that, one must have an address, a bank account, and most importantly, a residency card (carte de sejour). Until recently, I had none of these. The result was that I had to use my T-Mobile plan from the US for all my needs here in France. The problem with this is that my service was awful, and I couldn't call or text anyone in France without incurring high costs. I also could not call anyone in the US without paying a ton of money, and so all of my calls, to the US or France, had to occur via WhatsApp. Worse yet, I had to continue to pay $125 a month for a service that barely worked.

Things changed today however, as I finally was able to secure a phone plan with Orange, one of the better providers in France. I signed up for a cell phone with unlimited talk and text, unlimited data, high speed wifi for our home, and a second "ground-line" that Ayla can use. My monthly costs for this are €53.

I'll let all you Americans reading this marinate on that for a moment.


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