• Joshua Dopkowski

Greetings from JFK

Just hours away from leaving these shores

Taken from my seat before take off

I’m writing this post from my phone, as all my personal belongings now consist of two suitcases and a backpack, and there is no laptop in the mix. I will get a laptop soon, and it will have a French keyboard, so that should prove to make things a bit interesting.

I’m in the Alitalia lounge waiting for my flight, and in true NYC fashion, my flight is slightly delayed, and we had a gate change all the way to the other side of the terminal.

It wouldn’t be an authentic visit to NYC without this though, and now I have my feet up on a faux leather sofa with free snacks and low quality drinks galore.

After a truly exhausting but explosively memorable visit to NYC, I’m completed all of my America visits and even managed to meet up with some people from the past that I knew from other places, which was very unexpected. I guess this is why New York in the center of the universe.

The flight from Detroit was the day after the legendary Aretha left us, as longtime friend Jesse Jackson was in the same security line as I was.

Emotional as the past couple weeks has been, nothing compared to when I got into the car today to head to the airport. On top of the feelings I personally was experiencing, the driver had a tribute to Aretha Franklin playing on Satellite radio, and he seemed to be in some sort of vow of silence morning.

What a way to finish out in America, listening to a marathon tribute for Aretha Franklin while headed to JFK.

My final day and night living in America (for the foreseeable future) could not have been more appropriate. Now the moment of stepping into the adventure is at hand! Its 22h00, and I’m on the next flight to Paris.


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