• Joshua Dopkowski

Frozen French Fajitas

Picard, the french hipster store of nothing but frozen food. The layout of these shops is like a maze, but you can only walk one way. Before you reach the cashier, you will have passed by ever single container that houses delicious frozen entrées across various themes and cuisines. Of course you can find French food, but also available is Thai, Japanese, Brazilian, Columbian, Italian, Indian, Chinese and of course, Mexican.

Yes, Mexican. This store sells frozen Mexican cuisine such as tacos, burritos, tostadas and fajitas. I was skeptical, but I had been told that Picard had excellent food, however it was a bit expensive.

We opted for the fajitas, which were €10 for eight. We also opted for a chocolate cake browny type thing that looked really delicious.

The prep time for the fajitas was 20 minutes, and only required that I sauté the main ingredients in a pan while I microwaved the tortillas. Less than half an hour after we ripped open the box we dined on chicken fajitas with guacamole and salsa, and it was...


The best Mexican food I have ever had this side of the Atlantic might have come from the frozen food section of Picard.


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