• Joshua Dopkowski

Court Clerks Inundated By Parents Who Named Their Children Khaleesi

Parents rush to change their children's names after watching Daenerys on Game of Thrones.

***SPOILER ALERT: The following contains storyline information and plot outcomes for Game of Thrones on HBO.***

NEW YORK / LONDON (The Blunt Ogre) — Thousands of parents rushed to their local county court buildings on Monday following the Sunday night airing of Game of Thrones season eight, episode four.

Viewers of the 80-minute long episode, which set a world record for the longest ‘AAAAHHH!’ in cinema history, watched Daenerys, the heroine of the series, turn into a murderous monster.

Since Game of Thrones premiered on HBO in 2011, the name Khaleesi has become the 630th most popular girl's name in the U.S., making it more popular than even Brittany, or Britney.

Khaleesi has also been very popular in the U.K., where many parents have actually made customized versions of the Dothraki name.

The parents of Khaleesi-Destiny, Khaleesi-Grace, and Khaleesi-Marie, all residents of lower England, tweeted this morning that they will drop the first part of their daughter's names, and retain only the “normal part.”

Khaleesi is the name granted to Daenerys Targaryen during the first season of the HBO series and means “Queen” in the fictional Dothraki tongue.

One parent from Westchester County, New York, said that she “couldn’t believe it, Dany was the mother of dragons, breaker of chains, but now my daughter is named after the slaughterer of innocents!”

Khaleesi-Jade, a 14-year old from Manhattan whose parents were fans of the books that the HBO series is based on, has said that she will immediately change all of her social media accounts.

“This is terrible for me because I now have to change my whole identity,” she said, “I’m not a mass murdering tyrant, I’m a sweet dragon queen that likes bunnies, why did HBO do this?”


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