• Joshua Dopkowski

Circadian Rhythm With An Overdrive Petal


So much has happened since I arrived and went on my first solo journey around the neighborhood. First, my head hurts, all the time. It’s not like a headache, I think it is because my brain is always working on either processing the new sounds of French, directions and location, or perhaps the sleep schedule, or a combination thereof.

Anyway, my head hurts. On top of that, I am still typing on a phone, so considering all these factors, I will be shortening this post to a summary. Here is what has happened thus far:

· Enrolled Ayla in a school, with the help of my French “landlord" who is one of the most amazing and beautiful people of all time. Merci beaucoup Christian.

· The mass transit system in Lyon is good, but different. It does not follow the standard mass transit rules. More to come on this.

· I visited the university I will be researching at.

· I made a friend who showed me how big Lyon actually is and turned me onto some authentic Lyonnaise cuisine (believe the hype, I may never leave)

· I discovered that the markets on the weekends offer amazing food for dirt cheap.

· Wine costs very little and it’s incredible. Wine costs less than Bananas and Avocados.

· In France, Bananas may come from Guadalupe and Martinique, while Avocados may come from Africa (I believe Kenya) and they are a bit different.

· Netflix is Awesome.

Today we could see the snow peaks in the Alps, as the air was very clear.


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